Energy yield and resource analysis

Effective data analysis is critical in helping make the most of the information available to understand achievable revenue streams or minimise overall risk

Data analysis solutions are tailored in accordance with customers’ financial, engineering, or management demands, and offer services ranging from a simple feasibility analysis, to finance-grade estimates, including a detailed breakdown of losses and uncertainties (P50, P90, etc.).

This enables optimal technical design and component specifications, to NPV and IRR forecasting, along with senior debt requirements and a proper understanding on how projects performs.

Service details

RINA support during the early stages of project development has been proven to reduce costs and improve project outcomes. 

The activity is carried out in accordance with the RINA governance model, which safeguards impartiality and prevents conflict of interest situations.

We adopt a best-practice approach, highlight and resolve key issues early on, which help to ensure a smooth development process.

Analysis of an operational plant can also highlight any areas of under-performance, which can then be addressed in order to maximise a plant's output. Our data analysis services, together with additional services - such as modelling storage utilisation in relation to warrantable constraints, forecasting system lifespan adjustments and the need to exercise warrantable re-enforcement - can help optimise the value of your assets.



We specialise in data analysis, to help customers make the most of the information available, and to deliver projects with maximised energy yield and minimised overall cost and risk.

We have developed a complete range of services for feasibility, pre-construction and operational assessments, designed to deliver results in the face of complexity. Our services are useful and clear. Thanks to our specialist advisors’ experience across all stages of development and in different markets, we provide critical input (at the right time) to help customers build better renewable energy projects.

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