Energy storage services

Realising the value of energy storage, providing evaluation, due diligence and implementation services

Electricity grids across the world are evolving to accommodate the rapid rise of renewable and decentralised energy generation technologies. Maintaining moment-to-moment power stability across these networks is a growing challenge for transmission and distribution network operators.

Harnessing intermittent sources of electricity at a local level and transforming their value into dispatchable network resources is now a technically realistic prospect in the advent of maturing Energy Storage System (ESS) technologies. Greater energy security and, in particular, the availability of requisite capacity during daily peak demand periods can be achieved through the flexibility that ESS technologies are well suited to enable, absorbing power and energy when nature is ready and releasing it when consumers are ready.

Service details

RINA can assist electricity generators, network utilities and energy suppliers enhance the flexibility and energy security of their systems and increase the value of their electricity operations by helping them utilise the maturing range of ESS technologies now available.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our services and attention to detail developed through years of experience in the renewables industry. We can assist clients’ decision-making by providing tailored service packages to meet their specific requirements and we offer support from initial feasibility through to decommissioning; supporting the progression of a project through its feasibility, development, construction and operational phases.


RINA provides energy storage evaluation, due diligence and implementation services. Our expertise covers the complete range of system types and capabilities including:


RINA has acted as Technical Advisor on over 850 MW of ESS projects in America, Europe and Africa, ranging from hydrogen fuel cell technology to flagship lithium ion plants. For both developing and operational ESS plants, in particular those based on battery technology, we have assisted clients with initial feasibility, analysis, planning, and technical and commercial advisory requirements, through to technical due diligence. We are also assisting funders and developers realise the potential of several GW of pipeline projects.

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