Energy and environment technologies

Enhance the handling and management of industrial and civil wastes

Energy and environment matters have a strong impact on our daily lives, forcing us toward unavoidable individual and collective choices, which will affect our lifestyle and the territory we are living in.

We are fully aware that only an integrated modern management system is the right answer to have reliable, efficient and advanced energy and environment technologies, able to enhance the handling and management of industrial and civil wastes, whatever the pursued strategy is.


Our broad spectrum of services ranges from feasibility studies and solution development to industrial scaling-up of energy and environment innovative solutions.

We give customers the opportunity to choose the best solution among several allowable options (pyrolisis, gasification, combustion, melting, etc.), justifying it by means of sampling data, numerical simulations, laboratory scale testing and financial appraisal.

Furthermore, we expand our solutions to the design and fabrication of pilot solutions, which demonstrate that customers’ needs can be successfully approached both in terms of technology and pricing. Furthermore, we take into account all the aspects concerning solution scaling-up.

This critical phase is normally supported by final experimental campaigns aimed at defining the best operational process practices and certifying them in terms of process efficiency and effectiveness.

We complete the technological offer with the design of the plant, its construction, installation and final process start-up and tuning, on request.

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