Energy efficiency and sustainability studies

We provide a complete package of services for energy and resource efficiency and for the development of sustainable and smart cities

Energy and resource efficiency assessments and audits mean a complete program for energy savings and cost-effective investments - including the introduction of energy saving technologies – with an expected payback time of three to five years.

Furthermore, RINA provides technical assistance solutions in the definition of cities’ roadmaps towards sustainability, perfectly tailored to the needs of big and small urban and rural areas, both in industrialized and developing contexts. We assess the impact of development proposals and other land use plans on the environment, landscape and transport network.

The activity is carried out in accordance with the RINA governance model, which safeguards impartiality and prevents conflict of interest situations.

Focus on sustainable and smart cities 

Urban and transport planning: we plan urban mobility in accordance with cities’ current and future organization, which allows us to reduce GHG emissions and develop a city’s socio/economic potential.

Energy planning: we develop and implement integrated policies to enhance current energy supply and consumption schemes, based on the cornerstones energy efficiency, renewable energy and smart energy grids.

Environmental and social sustainable development: our methodology aims to assure both environmental and social sustainability, as strictly interconnected elements. We protect the environment by introducing a proper waste, water and risk management, which at the same time forms the basis for social development based on social equity, protection of human rights and access to resources.


Our energy and resource efficiency solutions include:


Our team consists of engineers with a specific background in energy and resource audits and with a deep knowledge of your specific industry and process.

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