End of waste

Recovery and reuse of glass, copper and scrap metal

The certification provided by European Directive 2008/98/EC requires verification of compliance of the management system for the correct treatment of those materials that are no longer considered to be waste.
Waste ceases to be defined as such when its use guarantees producers a high level of sustainability and an economic and environmental benefit.
The EoW’s objective is to promote recycling, helping to ensure a high level of environmental protection through the reduction in consumption of virgin raw materials and the quantities of waste destined for disposal.

Regulatory Focus

The EU Member States are obliged to draw up plans for good waste management, which take into account a positive impact on the environment and human health, and proper disposal costs management.
Directive 2008/98/EC deals with waste that can be used as raw materials to be sent to dedicated plants (steel mills and foundries). Its specific regulations, published in the Official Gazette, concern the following materials:


RINA is accredited to the certification of End-of-Waste Management Systems, pursuant to EC Regulation 765/2008, and is an environmental verifier pursuant to Regulation (EC) No 1221/2009 (Article 2, par. 20/b) with the specific sectoral accreditation required.
Our widespread international presence and the decade-long experience in environmental protection and recovery make us a qualified partner for End-of-Waste scrap manufacturers.



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