Electronic Logbook

RINACube Electronic Logbook will make data entry quick and easy, simplifying your data record

RINACube ELB is fully integrated on RINACube digital platform enhancing the compliance of ship-owners with an exclusive set of innovative features.

ELB is designed to replace paper logbooks, improving data reliability and minimizing the risk of human errors, which can lead to fines or non conformities. Moreover, the entries carried out on board are available on shore in order to constantly monitor and support the crew in case of need.

This solution is installed both on board and on shore:


RINACube ELB can be an essential tool for your activity, because it:

Moreover, we offer other related services to help your business successfully implement and use RINACube ELB, including:

How it can be used

RINACube ELB can replace several paper logbooks, including: