Electrical assets

Power cable and electrical products testing and consultancy services

Many activities in our everyday life are dependent on the continued safe operation of electrical products. Our dedicated electrical test laboratory in Leatherhead, Surrey, provides independent testing to national and international standards and we can undertake bespoke testing to support design and development projects.

Electrical Testing

Our dedicated laboratory offers a wide range of electrical testing facilities that can be used to undertake full compliance testing of products or programmes of work to support your design and development process. We are able to develop and undertake bespoke ageing, development and testing programmes built around flexibility and precision.

We also provide safety testing for manufacturers, importers and organisations to identify counterfeit or inferior products. Typical programmes of work include temperature rise and tripping time tests for RCDs, RCCBs and MCBs.

Power cable consultancy

Power cables at many different voltage levels from LV building wiring up to EHV subsea interconnectors, are used on equipment and installations across all sectors of industry and cable reliability is often a critical factor.

We provide clients worldwide with independent and authoritative cable consultancy services supported by extensive UK in-house laboratories for cable inspections, testing and research. Our work covers all aspects of power cables: optimising cable design, materials selection, procurement support, advice and supervision of manufacture, testing and installation and remnant life assessment, all of which contribute to significantly reducing both CAPEX and OPEX costs across the lifecycle of cable systems.

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