Earthing and lightning protection design

Routine assessments and designs, high-level policy, R&D

An effective earthing system is critical to the safety of every electrical installation. The introduction of new international standards, together with increased awareness within the electricity industry require that developers and operators of these installations carry out more thorough assessments and design studies to demonstrate safety compliance.

This is increasingly challenging against a backdrop of higher fault levels, smaller-area substations and the more prevalent use of sensitive electronic equipment both at the substation and by external third parties, where the impact of transferred earth potentials may need to be mitigated.

Lightning is the natural discharge of electrostatic electricity within Earth’s atmosphere and has the capability to be extremely destructive. Experience of lightning has shown that significant structural damage and failure / destruction of electrical systems can be caused - with the additional potential to cause injury or loss of life. However, protective measures can be introduced to existing or prospective structures to help mitigate the hazardous effects of lightning strikes.

Focus on earthing


Our earthing solutions’ experts have pushed the boundaries in electrical power earthing for more than 15 years. Servicing a broad range of clients in the electricity distribution, transmission and generation industry and in the construction sector worldwide, our engineers are widely respected as leaders in this safety critical area. They have also played a key role in updating the main UK power industry’s earthing standards.

Our earthing expertise has been successfully applied to power transmission and distribution infrastructure, from 400kV to 11kV, covering railway electrification, large-scale generation, renewable energy and landmark building projects. Our international standard design capability is supported by advanced modelling software and on-site measurement teams who provide a range of services, from routine maintenance surveys to advanced measurements using high-end commercial and bespoke instrumentation.


Focus on lightning protection

The lightning protection consultancy service we offer provides you with the expertise to reduce the exposure and susceptibility of your installations to lightning conditions, and to implement suitable protection measures. Our independence from lightning protection installation and product/material sales, allows our experienced consultants to offer impartial design solutions in compliance with industry standards.



RINA has been at the forefront of lightning protection for many years and has contributed to fundamental research on the phenomenon during the past decades.

We have experienced technical consultants, who are available to undertake a wide array of lightning protection queries, ranging from site-based surveys and desk-based risk assessments to lightning protection policy advisement.

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