Dry BMS | Marine training course

Acquire an overview of the Intercargo & Righthip Dry Bulk Management Standard (Dry BMS) system

EEXI/CII-Practical Accurate Assessment

Enroll in this course and acquire an overview of the Intercargo & Righthip Dry Bulk Management Standard (Dry BMS) system.

Continuous improvement of Ship Management Systems is supported through developed phased improvements, determined from self-assessment and audit results.

To improve, regular self-assessment reviews and compare results against Dry BMS key performance indicators need to be carried out. Learn the 30 subject areas of Dry BMS and how to achieve compliance . 

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Online course

Duration: 2 days

Price: EUR 600 (plus VAT, if applicable)

Physical classroom at Greece's facilities

Duration: 2 days

Price: EUR 650 (plus VAT, if applicable)

- To provide participants with an analysis of the various parts which make up the Dry Bulk Management Standard (Dry BMS), particular attention being given to the points in common with the Safety Management System and to the requirements which go beyond what is normally included in a shipping Company’s SMS.

- In particular to make a standard framework for assessments of the operators management system and to be consistent about it.

- To provide clarity in the company’s policies, streamline to ensure that these systems are known & implemented throughout the organization, i.e. every level.

- To make plans, procedures & systems to achieve the organizations objectives.

- To check, to evaluate and to create feedback systems from results obtained.

- To define targets and focus the efforts on areas where maximum benefits and improvements can obviously be obtained.

- To reduce the risk of incidents and accidents involving threat to human life, the environment, the cargo and the ship and her equipment.

- Dry BMS Overview: Introduction to the Intercargo & Righthip Dry Bulk Management Standard 

- The Dry BMS structure: Structure of the self-assessment questionnaire, four wide areas and thirty subject areas, levels 

- The Dry BMS process: self-assessment process, scoring methodology, priority subject areas, submitting reports

- The Dry BMS subject areas analysis

- Selection and monitoring of the Key Performance Indicator 

Maritime professionals that need to know the Dry BMS and will be requested to implement and/or audit according to its requirements.
RINA Attendance Certificate.