Credit risk management system

Certification according to CRMS FP 07:2015 system

The CRMS FP07:2015 scheme aims to raise awareness and address the companies towards appropriate and effective credit management measures, aiming to:

Regulatory focus

CRMS FP 07:2015 was developed by a technical committee appointed by CO.E.RI. KOSMOS Srl, with the support from the Turin Economics Faculty, businesses, major credit insurance companies, a series of sector-competent associations and ABI.

The scheme has been designed and drafted to foster compatibility and integration with the latest management systems, featuring:

The scheme requirements apply to any organisation regardless of type, size and products or services provided. No requirements are excluded and their level of application depends on the complexity of the company and the context in which it operates.


RINA is accredited by ACCREDIA for this service.


Where can I purchase the document illustrating the scheme?
The CRMS FP 07:2015 SCHEME is available for download, with access restricted to the purchasing company, at:


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