R&D results, characterisation data and alloy metallurgical design

Corrosion issues condition the design and construction of industrial plants and machines and their operational management, including the selection of materials, design allowances, protective coatings, sealants, inhibitors and cathodic protections or inspection planning, maintenance and repairs.

Our capability in the field of corrosion is aimed at transforming research results, materials’ characterisation data, alloy metallurgical design and expertise on corrosion into reliability gains for industrial applications.

This capability covers all kinds of materials, from stainless and duplex steel, Ni-base alloys, etc. to light alloys and single-, multilayer-coated products exposed to most fluids (inorganic acids, chlorides, sulphides, etc.).

Focus on labs & facilities

Our Corrosion Laboratory supports all activities related to R&D projects and corrosion services. It also offers services for materials’ characterization concerning the following topics:

To do all this, the laboratory can count on the following apparatuses:



We are a technological reference centre for anyone who deals with corrosion topics both at industrial, scientific and normative level.

Many decades of cross-national cooperation and active participation in material and corrosion standardization committees’ works (NACE T1F Metallurgy and Oilfield Equipment Working Parties, EFC – European Federation of Corrosion, etc.) guarantee this position.

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