Enabling real-time visibility of competence and strategic risk management in safety-critical sectors

Competentis is a web-based system providing organisations in the safety-critical public and private sectors with the tools to manage and display competence data at individual, team, department, and business levels in real time.

Designed by our training and competence management consultants in conjunction with RINA’s Digital Solutions software developers, Competentis is highly configurable and allows organisations to adapt the tools to their specific competence management requirements. It employs dynamic and engaging graphics in accessible formats to enable competence data to be displayed at appropriate levels of granularity for the user community.

This functionality enables the senior management team to view competence data at the business level to support evidence-based decision making and strategic risk management. Departmental and other managers are able to tailor and package the data to facilitate operational and resource planning, business performance reporting, audits, inspections, and accident investigations.

Line managers have access to detailed competence data displayed in intuitive dashboard formats to ensure safety critical workers are trained for assigned tasks, and safety and equipment licences are in date, while integrated scheduling tools allow them to programme assessments and refresher training. All competence assessments, training records, licence renewal certificates and other competence-related evidence is held in the database and is instantly accessible to line managers, assessors, and inspectors.

At the heart of Competentis is an algorithm, which uses research-based competence retention rules blended with risk assessment data to output minimum task performance and refresher training periodicities for assurance purposes and to offset skill fade. High-risk, high skill-fade tasks are assessed and monitored more frequently than low-risk, low skill-fade tasks and therefore organisations can manage the balance between assessor and training resources and non-competent task performance risk while still remaining compliant with regulatory requirements.

staff-management-softwareCompetentis also provides permissions-based functionality which enables operational and managerial staff to upload training and education qualifications and other competency evidence to support assessments, performance reviews, and succession planning.

Competentis can be hosted on your network as a behind-the-firewall solution or as SaaS, hosted in the cloud and provided on a subscription basis. RINA supports the integration of Competentis within your business and an available suite of APIs allows interfacing with existing systems such as SAP, Oracle and Maximo.

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