Comfort class for yachts

Meet the challenge of eliminating noise and vibration onboard

Today’s owners of all kinds of ships are seeking higher standards of comfort for both crew and passengers. Noise and vibration are best minimised during the design process. Prognosis allows the required countermeasures to be designed in at an early stage. In order to provide feasible noise and vibration limits on board yachts over 65m, a new additional notation has been developed.

RINA Comfort expertise provides owners and shipyards with assistance at the design stage, at the time of building and on a consultancy basis whenever noise/vibration measurements are required. Modelling and measurement support the numerical predictions, which feedback into the construction. For each space typology, limits for the noise and vibration comfort levels are given. We perform further examinations in order to meet comfort requirements: hydrodynamic and engineering analysis, sea trial measurements, and propulsion and plant systems analysis.


A vibration design prognosis, based on Finite Element Models of the full ship coupled with Computational Fluid Dynamic calculations and rotor dynamic of the propulsion system, is carried out early in the design stage with the MSC NASTRANTM solver, that calculates the expected vibration velocities of the ship’s spaces. 

RINA can help the designer project the most accurate design to avoid noise contamination. Today’s mega yachts pose special problems due to innovative propulsion and plants systems, resulting lesser overall experience.


Boat builders

Yacht owners


RINA’s requirements meet or exceed international standards set by IMO, for crew and for passengers, also keeping pace with forthcoming more restrictive laws, which will become effective in this field. These higher requirements for the notation are the result of the experience gained in years of application and of research activities. 

In addition, we can develop all the necessary analyses depending on the size of ship, the information available and the uncertainty degree that the client wants to reduce, and also suggest the most efficient solution.


Can RINA find the right solution to solve noise and vibration problems on an existing vessel?
After identifying the problem with dedicated measurements on site in order to characterize the sources of the problems, we can provide suggestions in real time to mitigate the effect by intervening the source or their transmission.

Can RINA suggest materials and technology to meet the requirements of the COMFORT class or reduce further noise and vibration levels? 
Troubleshooting sound and vibration at design phase is always a challenge; with our experience and activities on the field, we can advise the client to achieve realistic goals without compromising speed. Our know-how with numerical tools and test procedure to characterize the materials we can provide the best compromise solution to gain the satisfaction of the client.

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