Comfort class

Assistance at the design stage

Today owners of all kinds of ships are seeking higher standards of comfort for both crew and passengers.
RINA Comfort expertise provides owners and shipyards with assistance at the design stage, while building takes place and advisory whenever noise/vibration measurements are required.


A noise and vibration design prognosis allows the required countermeasures to be projected in at an early stage.
Modelling and measurement support the numerical predictions, which are all feed-backed into construction.
When full-scale measurements made at the early design stage, verify that the desired noise and vibration limit levels are respected, the additional class notations COMF-NOISE and COMF-VIB can be issued.
Furthermore, we can offer a range of different services, from noise and vibration level prediction aimed at the definition of a remedial action plan, hydrodynamic and engineering analysis to meet comfort requirements, to the measurements of alarm, propulsion and plant systems.


RINA’s requirements meet or exceed international standards set by IMO. The comfort for crew notation, in particular, not only guarantees compliance with current European regulations for Health and Safety at work, but keeps pace with forthcoming more restrictive laws which will become effective in this field. We also set higher standards of noise for passenger accommodation.

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