A close partnership with the International Flame Research Foundation

Combustion technologies are nowadays irreplaceable issues in the production of semi-fabricated and fabricated products (e.g. boilers, furnaces and other process heaters).

Burners’ aim is to lower the emissions of both NOx, CO and unburned hydrocarbons, while achieving high thermal efficiency with different kinds of feed fuels and without any post combustion controls - a need that requires advanced materials and enabling technologies.

In this respect, our Combustion Station covers a broad spectrum of offers, from fundamental investigation of innovative combustion processes to their application in different industrial sectors.

Our remarkable role in combustion technologies is highlighted by the partnership with the International Flame Research Foundation (IFRF).


Thanks to a long scientific tradition and the availability of modern equipment, our combustion technological offer ranges from the complete and accurate characterization of industrial burners to the development, design and engineering of new equipment.

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Focus on labs & facilities

The Combustion Technological Laboratory is endowed with medium- and full-sized facilities, permitting us to simulate any aspect of industrial heating and combustion topics:

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