Certification scheme for companies who want to develop a HACCP manual using the Codex Alimentarius International Guideline as a reference.

This scheme based on codex alimaentarius guidelines is useful to follow the food chain from primary production to the final consumer, setting out the necessary hygiene conditions for producing food which is safe and suitable for consumption.

Service details

THE GENERAL PRINCIPLES OF FOOD HYGIENE CODEX identifies the essential principles of food hygiene applicable throughout the food chain (from primary production to the final consumption), to achieve the goals of: 

Indicating how to implement those principles and providing a guidance for specific codes could be useful for the food chain sectors, processes or commodities, in order to amplify the hygiene requirements specific to those areas. 

Regulatory focus

The document provides a base-line structure for other, more specific, codes applicable to particular sectors. Such specific codes and guidelines should be read in conjunction with this document CAC/RCP 1-1969, Rev.4- 2003 document and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) System and Guidelines for its Application (Annex). 

Certification procedure

Third party audit based on the Codex Alimentarius International Guideline with an emission of a three years certificate and an annual audit.


To conduct a third party audit with competent and qualified auditor in order to verify how the Company has developed its HACCP manual, based on International Codex Alimentarious Guideline.

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