Decommissioning operations

Fixed offshore production plants and removal of relevant equipment

Decommissioning and removal operations for offshore production plants are becoming very common and, being very sensitive for environment and safety, the certification guarantees that the work is planned and performed with a quality and a level of risk consistent with the reference international standards and tolerable for all the players involved.

The verification covers the planning and execution of the marine operations for the offshore cutting, handling and sea transport.

Service details

Key aspects of a removal operation include:


The certification service is made up of:

The certification involves the issue, before the operation starts, of formal approval which attests that the operation planning and the dedicated equipment design are in compliance with the requirements of RINA Rules or other applicable internationally-recognized standards.

After the operation is completed, a "Certificate of Conformity" is also issued which attests the suitability of the vessels, materials and equipment used in the operations, as well as their correct execution in conformity with approved procedures.


We are regularly involved in the verification and certification of offshore projects, especially as regards design, construction and installation activities, where we can provide a long list of references acquired in the last three decades.

We are recognized by National Maritime Authorities as technical body supporting them for the issue of the authorizations they are competent for.

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