Certification of automotive personnel

Technical skills in the sales, after-sales and manufacturing areas

RINA provides automotive organisations with certification services for personnel involved, to certify their technical skills and degree of specialisation in the various areas of the supply chain, such as sales, after-sales, and manufacturing.

Certification of automotive technical personnel, issued by an independent third party body, makes it possible to valorise and see one's own professionalism recognised, in terms of ability, skills and specialisation.

At the same time, companies benefit from an objective, independent checking tool, for the professionalism of both their employees and new additions to their staff: acquiring and keeping the most talented workers for greater productivity and, as a result, higher performance and greater efficiency when it comes to process costs. 



Our specialist teams guarantee countrywide and international coverage, with structures dedicated to carrying out examinations, and qualified technicians for training and assessment of the professional level.

Automotive Certification

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