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Hydrogen as a sustainable energy solution to power the future

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hydrogen-decarbonization-infographicsHydrogen is the missing link in the energy transition. There is a growing evidence that it can have a pivotal role to play in achieving deep decarbonisation of our society and can be the fuel of the future. The abundance of renewable energy make it more advantageous to convert and store energy in hydrogen-based energy carriers.

As a sustainable energy carrier, hydrogen could allow large amounts of renewable energy to be channelled from the power industry into sectors for which electrification (and hence decarbonisation) is otherwise difficult. The hydrogen industry is well-established and has decades of experience in sectors such as refining, petrochemical, transportation, power generation, using hydrogen as a feedstock.

We gained in our laboratories the expertise for next hydrogen challenges

Hydrogen potentialRINA has already faced many of the technical and economic challenges connected with the employment of hydrogen. Our aim is to deliver expertise and know-how to all stakeholders to strengthen the value of their assets in terms of integrity, reliability and availability, maximizing operations, reducing downtime and minimizing the risk of harm to people and the environment.

In 2016 we created the Delta H Laboratory, devoted to evaluate material and component performances in presence of gaseous hydrogen at high pressure.

Instead, our hydrogen combustion laboratory in Dalmine is the right place where heavy industry players and plant providers can turn to for developing and testing industrial combustion systems.


RINA value proposition is based upon the following steps:

RINA supports the Customer by identifying the drivers that are encouraging a company to innovate, analysing all possible evolution opportunities, and giving them the required information to take a strategic decision. Specific attention is put on the technologic, market and business model aspects, allowing the Customer to understand the technical and economic feasibility of their project and set up a strategy for intellectual property management.
Technical and financial due diligence provides an independent project assessment supporting key Players and directly to Financial Institutions and Investors through the investment process up to project completion. Our depth assessment of the project, based on high qualified technical skills, is addressed to identify potential critical issues from both technical and financial point of view.
Starting from concept and pre-feasibility studies, RINA supports the Customer in screening possible viable concepts for any project or specific units within larger designs, highlighting key elements, such as project schedule, technological risks, flexibility of the solution considered, strengths and resilience of the proposed solutions, environmental footprint and many more. Concept, Basic/FEED and Detailed design are provided in compliance with internationally recognized standard and design codes, using commercially and technically recognized software in combination with the engineering judgement developed by our engineers that are commonly used to face new and challenging problems.
Materials and components (such as vessel, pipeline, fittings, etc.) for the safe storage and usage of hydrogen as an energy carrier are a key issue and one of RINA’s major research focuses right now. Working closely with materials manufacturers and users, and with the help of state-of-the-art laboratories for high-pressure testing of materials, RINA is helping to develop innovative materials, technologies and solutions to overcome the challenges and enable the industry to unlock the potential of hydrogen to meet our ambitious climate goals.
RINA has a long experience in supporting customers in taking active part in the most important national and European R&D schemes such European Framework Programs, Horizon 2020, Research Fund for Coal and Steel, Innovate UK, Small Medium Enterprise Instrument, European COSME and LIFE(+) Programs. Whenever the innovation priorities of a Company fit with a funding opportunity, RINA proposes its experience and its network of excellence centres to start a successful proposal. RINA provide not only the technical support but also the financial and administrative skills to prepare a proposal which fits with the funding rules.
RINA has a proven record of extensive experience in the management of HSE issues in any kind of projects, and is accustomed to apply safety programs in compliance with best practices, norms and standards, and with the most advanced technical solutions.  RINA Team helps defining HSE policies and strategies and by providing assistance in the procedure of revision by the competent national and international Authorities. By performing specific studies and analyses, RINA supports the Customer in taking informed decisions, thus achieving optimal performance, minimizing risks and maintaining a safe and satisfactory workplace.
RINA provides a full range of dedicated and innovative services aiming at maximizing the operability and safety of existing assets and minimizing their maintenance costs. Our goal is to enable operators to easily evaluate maintenance, repair or replacement decisions, offering periodic verification, assessment and certification of the equipment. Successfully extending the life of an asset means also to meet regulatory challenges and increasingly stringent safety standards. As well as verifying the fitness for service of the asset, we focus on the sustainability of our services, optimizing performance and reliability, reducing the risks to human life and environment.
RINA has decades of experience in certification in all the major industrial sectors, including Energy, Marine and Transport. For hydrogen related projects, RINA can first of all analyse all the main national and international standards and recommendations applicable to the case of interest, as for instance PED, ISO, ASME, ASTM, API, EN, NACE, BS, DNV and Rules for Offshore Installations. If available, customer’s standards / procedures / recommendations that could be applicable to the case of interest could be also considered. The analysis is addressed to identify possible critical normative issues determined by the use of hydrogen and define which standard or combination of different standards are recommended to be used for the project.
RINA provides professional technical training, skills development courses and informative training to help Clients increasing the competence of personnel. Training courses can be provided for large and small audiences, with different formulas and logistics tailored to Client needs. Special Courses can be agreed upon request for selected topics (as for instance about use and storage of hydrogen).

Our Delta H Laboratory (ΔH Lab) is devoted to evaluate material and component performances in presence of gaseous hydrogen at very high pressure (up to 1000 bar, 14500 psi). Located in the Technological Pole of the University of Calabria, ΔH Lab can also determine the improvement of the storage capacity by nano-porous materials. Ultrapure H2, or H2 with contaminants, or mixtures of H2 with other gases, including methane, can be used.

Several years of hydrogen research and testing
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