Machine Safety Management System

The first certification scheme aimed at preventing accidents associated with the use of machinery

Sistema di Gestione per la Sicurezza delle Macchine

Thanks to our twenty years of experience as a notified body for the Machinery Directive and thirty years on management systems, RINA has developed the first Machinery Safety Management System certification scheme aimed at preventing accidents associated with the use of machinery

Based on the systemic approach of the ISO (International Organization of Standardization) management systems standards, the scheme enhances a set of best practices to minimize the risks associated with the use of machinery.

From European and national legislation on safety in the workplace, to the essential health and safety requirements relevant to the free movement of machinery, the scheme takes into account mandatory applicable references, as well as interpretative guides and opinions issued by competent authorities on the subject. There is also a particular focus on the analysis of Organisational Behaviour Management, a discipline based on the scientific laws that explain human behaviour and allow for its prediction and control. 

The requirements of this new certification scheme can be integrated with those of the most widespread existing management systems, for example occupational health and safety management systems (ISO 45001), which are thereby enriched with specific procedures focused on machinery management.

First steps to achieving certification

Regardless of the sector in which it operates, any organisation wishing to be certified must first provide a risk analysis examining the reference context and, following the adoption of mitigation procedures, assess whether risks have been minimised. To do this, the main factors to be taken into account are:

Service Details

Upon successful completion of the listed activities, the results are evaluated by a technical committee and the certificate is issued. ‘Surveillance’ checks must be carried out annually from the date of initial certification.

The Machinery Safety Management System certificate is valid for 3 years, and can be renewed at the end of that period.

The benefits 

Organisations with the Machinery Safety Management System certification will obtain several advantages, including:


A global organisation, at RINA the excellence and experience of our team represents the foundation of our work. We have been operating for almost twenty years as a notified body for the Machinery Directive and are a leader in the certification industry, in particular for ISO services. Thanks to our internationally recognised competences, we are able to offer a portfolio of services covering a wide spectrum of regulations, and operate in complete transparency and with total professionalism.

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