Best4, certification for organisations certified in the four relevant areas: Quality, Environment, Security, Social Responsibility

RINA has developed the its BEST 4 (Business Excellence Sustainable Task) certification for organisations whose management system has been recognised as conforming to a standard for each of the following areas: quality, environment, security and social responsibility.

Best 4 & Best 4 Plus

Best 4 is best suited for organisations that have been certified in the four areas of relevance (Quality, Environment, Safety, Corporate Social Responsibility).
Best 4 Plus certification is issued to organisations that meet the requirements for Best 4, with the addition of at least one other certification from the above-mentioned sectors.


RINA was the first and only organisation to adopt BEST4 as a registered trademark.
Our first certificate was issued in April 2004 to Costa Crociere: our decade of experience, the skills gained and the proven ability of our auditors make us a top-level partner in delivering this type of service.


What are the standards used for the issue of Best 4?

In addition to the classic schemes such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and SA 8000, Best 4 can also be obtained, for example, with ISO TS 16949 for Quality, ISO 50001 for the Environment, ISM for Security, and the Sustainability Report for Social Responsibility.

Do the Best 4 and Best 4 Plus certifications need to be obtained at the same time?
No, they can be issued at different times as well, provided that the necessary requirements are complied with and demonstrated.

What is the duration of Best 4 certification?

Best 4 or Best 4 Plus certification remains valid for the entire duration of all the certificates comprised therein. Should at least one of these certificates expire, the Best 4 certification will also be withdrawn.


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