Functional Safety

Certification of electrical and electronic products and systems

Functional Safety is part of the overall safety of a system or product, including electrical, electronic and programmable electronic parts, which ensures the correct behaviour during the normal operation and under fault conditions.

Nowadays, Functional Safety plays an important role in protecting against the risk of physical injury or health damage and indirect threats to property or the environment, causing possible damage and destruction of valuable assets.

RINA, related to the Functional Safety, offer the following services:

Functional Safety Assessment

Thanks to the significant experience acquired in the industrial Product and System sector, RINA is able to assess product/system functional safety and/or following lifecycle steps:

Service OUTPUT: Assessment Report

Functional Safety Certification

RINA can issue the functional safety certification regarding:

Service OUTPUT: Assessment Report and Certificate of Conformity. After obtaining the certificate, RINA allows the Company to applicate its Functional Safety mark on the product.

Functional Safety Training

RINA provides different types of specific training courses on Functional Safety:

Service OUTPUT: RINA will issue a Certificate of Competence after passing the competence certification  exam.


RINA is EN 17065 and EN 17020 ACCREDIA Accredited Body related to IEC EN 61508, IEC EN 61511, IEC EN 62061, IEC EN 13849 and IEC EN 16590 standards.

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