Process to sustainable procurement

The international standard ISO 20400 defines guidelines for the integration of social responsibility in policy and procurement processes of an organization

The sustainable procurement is what ensures organisations to purchase products and services only when actually needed and without any negative impact on the environment and on the community. In addition, organisations can intercept new opportunities, such as a more effective and lasting reduction of costs, a consequent saving of financial, human and technological resources and a proactive management of suppliers.

The international standard “ISO 20400 - Sustainable procurement — Guidance” defines guidelines for the integration of social responsibility in policy and procurement processes of an organization. In addition to triggering virtuous competition mechanisms, based on social responsibility, it also encourages (and in some cases forces) the organizations of the supply chain to adopt sustainable behaviors, processes and initiatives.

The standard is particularly recommended also for managing the risks related to delocalize processes and outsourcing activities.

Service details

The standard ISO 20400 is designed for all types of organizations who want to improve their social responsibility performance and integrate social responsibility within their procurement process. It is not only addressed to the organizational units that manage supplies, but also to the managers or technicians involved in procurement decisions and to those who deal with social responsibility.

Verification procedure

RINA process of verification provides the issuance of a declaration and a report indicating the strengths and improvements areas related to the integration of social responsibility in the procurement process.

Our evaluation takes into account the level of application of ISO 20400 respect to the themes of social responsibility:


RINA, thanks to his long-serving experience in certification and evaluation of the multiple aspects related to the standard, can offer a verification service about ISO 20400 complete ad with a high level of detail.

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