Anti-bullying Management System

Certification in compliance with UNI/PdR 42:2018

The certification comes from a practice published on August 2018 and written in collaboration between UNI, Accredia and the main Italian associations that refer to the school system.

The service is aimed at schools and all organizations aimed at underage users, such as vocational training centers, day care centers and boarding schools, youth centers, sports and recreational centers.

The aim is to provide a tool that ensures the stakeholders, first of all the families, that the school or organisation has taken concrete actions able to minimize the risks to which minors are exposed in terms of bullying and cyberbullying.

Legislative focus

The Practice UNI / PdR 42: 2018 - Prevention and contrast of bullying defines the characteristics for a management system that identifies the potential risks of bullying, real concrete and measurable policies, and strengthens confidence in schools and organizations attended by minors.

These organizations will be able to obtain a certification in order to endow themselves with objective evidence of their commitment to preventing and counteracting behaviors due to bullying.


The Anti-bullying Certification has a three-year duration and can be integrated with ISO 9001 certification, if the organisation adopted this management system as well.


RINA is the firt Certification Body that has been accredited by ACCREDIA for UNI/PdR 42:2018 certification. RINA is also accredited by ACCREDIA and ANAB for ISO 9001:2015 certification in sector 37 - Education. Our team has issued numerous certifications to schools and organizations aimed at underage users.

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