Business Continuity

ISO 22301 certification

ISO 22301 introduced the concept of a business stability management system, commonly known as Business Continuity.
Business continuity is a commitment that every organisation makes, dictated by the relevant legislative, regulatory, sector, product and service requirements.
The purpose of the management system is to prevent, protect, respond and recover from a risk or accident, safeguarding the company’s staff and image, allowing it to continue to produce and sell its products and services.

Service Details

An effective operational continuity management system provides functional tools for risk management (potential risks to which the organisation is exposed), and business impact analysis (impacts of such risks on its operations).
Having identified the risks and their consequences, the process then defines policies, goals, plans and responsibilities that guarantee the organisation can have those resilience skills that are essential when coping with adverse situations.


RINA is accredited to offer a wide range of certification services.
Our years of experience in the ICT field with ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO 20000 certification mean our technical assessment team has specific expertise in security, business continuity plans, risk analysis and business impact analysis.


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