BRC Global Standards

Food safety according to BRC Food

BRC (Brand Reputation Compliance) food certification attests the quality and safety of food products through the application of quality/product management systems, hygienic control (HACCP) and good manufacturing practices (GMPs).

The objectives are:

This service, provided by RINA to all European Large Organised Distributors, is officially recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), one of the most important international food associations.

Certification Procedure


Thanks to the many years of experience in the agri-food market, RINA has a highly qualified technical team that provides excellent partner services around the world.
Over the years, we have become a reliable partner for organisations that want to become more competitive on the international market, where the BRC is one of the main supplier selection criteria.

BRC 8 Issue

BRC Global Standars is on its 8th issue of internationally recognised Global Standard Food Safety.

The requirements of Issue 8 represent the evolution of the previous issues in addition to a continued emphasis on management commitment, a food safety programme based on hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP), and a supporting quality management system.

The internationality od these standards give the opportunity tothe suppliers worldwide to show the their real and potencial customers that they are supporting the highest standards of safety, quality, and legal compliance.

Audits against the new Issue 8 are set to begin in February 2019.


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