Verification of data intended for notarization in Blockchain

How to demonstrate transparency and data integrity thanks to RINA verification

Digital assurance - blockchainBlockchain is a technology that allows the creation of a secure, immutable, and transparent data ledger. It is an essential tool to ensure traceability and accountability towards stakeholders. 

In this context, our role as a certification body is crucial: we ensure compliance with the fundamental requirements of quality and truthfulness of the information, and we verify the data notarized in the Blockchain. In this way, we can provide reliable proof that the reality corresponds to what is declared.  

Our digital platform helps organizations that aspire to stand out through the traceability of their products or services

Our service is aimed at all companies that want to be characterized by transparency, offer a guarantee to their customers, and adopt effective communication of their activities, whether they are already equipped with blockchain technology or are interested in using it.

Why choose RINA

With a constant commitment to the evolution towards increasingly digital services, RINA is the ideal partner for organizations that want to demonstrate their commitment and communicate their initiatives in a transparent and direct way, guaranteeing all stakeholders maximum transparency, truthfulness and data integrity.

We have equipped ourselves with an innovative platform capable of:

Verification process

Our experts answer to the most frequently questions

To notarize a data in blockchain means to insert an immutable version of that data within the blockchain. This notarization process provides the data with evidence of its existence and state at a specific point in time, offering additional security and transparency. In simpler terms, notarizing data in blockchain is like "timestamping" that data so that everyone in the blockchain network can see when it was added and ensure that it has not been altered thereafter.
RINA, as a third party, verifies the data while the customer is responsible for notarizing the information on the Blockchain. To simplify this process, RINA has created a network of Certification digital partners,  who provide digital solutions and integrate RINA's certification services into their offerings

Notarizing the verification opinion in Blockchain means recording our evaluation of the data. There are two main benefits to this process:

- Immutability: Once the verification opinion is notarized on the Blockchain, it cannot be changed or deleted. This ensures the integrity of the data and provides a verifiable record of the audit opinion.
- Verifiability: Anyone with access to the Blockchain can verify the verification opinion. This increases transparency and trust between all parties involved.

In summary, notarizing the verification opinion in Blockchain provides an extra layer of security and transparency, ensuring that our evaluation of the data is accurate and unalterable.

Verifying data before notarization on the Blockchain is very important for several reasons: 

- Firstly, it ensures the correctness and integrity of the data before it becomes immutable, since once notarized, it cannot be easily changed or deleted. This helps to maintain the reliability of the information on the Blockchain.
- In addition, verification promotes transparency and trust in the system by ensuring the truthfulness of the data. Blockchain is designed to be a distributed, shared ledger, and pre-verification of data helps prevent the spread of misinformation. 
- Finally, involving an independent third party in the verification process adds an extra layer of security and impartiality, as they can confirm that the data entered is accurate and complies with established standards. 

Verification before notarization is crucial to ensure the integrity, accuracy, and trust of the Blockchain's immutable data.

The origins of the service 

The data verification service for blockchain was created to meet the growing need for transparency and reliability, specifically in the agrifood sector. RINA, anticipating market demands, launched its first dispensing service in 2023, initially focusing on the wine sector. The birth of this service was driven by the need to provide third-party verification of data, while ensuring immunity from manipulation through the implementation of a public blockchain. In a sector such as agrifood, where traceability and genuineness of products are of fundamental importance, the possibility of providing reliable and immutable information on the production and distribution of wine has become a priority. 

The context of the initial launch in the wine sector underlines RINA's focus on the specific needs of certain sectors, with the prospect of extending this service to additional segments in the future. The goal is to provide companies with a reliable tool to prove the origin, quality, and integrity of their products, creating a trusted connection between producers and consumers through blockchain innovation. 

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