Big data and analytics

Big data, historic data analyses, decision support systems, quality monitoring of processes and products, technological platforms

Big data is characterized by the rule of the three Vs: volume of data, their variety and their velocity. All of these are characterised by extremely high values. RINA has developed special technical skills and proprietary non-conventional methodologies and tools to extract information and value from the mass of raw data.

These data are collected and analysed to transform them into information for faster, more flexible and more efficient decision-making through the use of frontier innovations such as cognitive systems.

Now, companies are asking us to help them use such data, not solely during production, but also for their business strategies.

Service details

During the work with clients, we are able to develop specific algorithms capable of handling many variables in a short time, using the available computational resources.

Thanks to our specific experience we can supply new tools combining information and providing a visual approach to data. In this way we are able to suggest original paths and new interpretation models difficult to predict in advance. The goal of our “analytics” is therefore to help organisations extract hidden meaning from their data.


Typically we apply a multistep approach based on:


Can you give examples of applications?
Yes, during the years we have supplied several tools and services in Italy, Europe and the Americas.

Are neural networks part of your tools and services?
Today we choose neural networks in particular to analyse complex topics, such as the prediction of mechanical properties of metallic products during manufacturing, or for specific packages in process control automation.

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