Beyond Tier 1

Services tailored to retailers, brands and other organisations looking to scale up their beyond compliance and capacity building supply chain programme

Audits are an effective measuring tool but a healthy and sound Supplier Compliance Programme needs further support to achieve its objectives of risk mitigation and continuous improvement.

Going beyond the Tier 1 layer of suppliers can be a complicated and commercial and transparency barriers can be challenging to overcome. The burden of monitoring supply chains cannot be exclusively tasked to the suppliers at the top of the chain. At RINA we believe that delegation is a key aspect of this process that need engagement, expert support and capacity building with the key components of the supply chain.

Service details

The service is aimed to support retailers, brands and organisations to identify, develop and build a network of trusted and competent experts across the supply chain.

Empowering your Tier 1 and 2 suppliers with audit skills and knowledge is the first step of this process.

Mentoring, shadowing and assessing the experts involved in this process is vital to ensure consistency and trust in the overall process.

Giving autonomy and delegating responsibility to the supply chain can be done with confidence thanks to the quality assurance and monitoring activities performed by RINA.



We ensure global coverage through an extensive network of expert auditors and consultants, as well as highly technological in-house capabilities and a commitment to the United Nations’ SDGs.

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