Beach management certification

ISO 13009 certification


Beaches are influenced by different uses and needs, and are subject to considerable seasonal tourist pressure. Particularly complex is the aspect of their management, which necessarily requires simultaneous attention to a range of factors.
Bathing establishments operators, choosing to certify beach management according to the international standard ISO 13009: 2015 demonstrate to tourists and residents the sustainable management of beaches, and that the available services and facilities respect certain quality requirements.

Service Details

The application of this standard brings several benefits, both to bathing establishments operators and to local communities of the areas where tourism is one of the main economic activities:

Audit Procedure

The ISO 13009 certificate is valid for 3 years and applies to all public or private organisations providing a beach-related service.
Following the first certification test, an annual audit is carried for the next two years, to maintain certification. At the expiration of the three years - renewal for another three years.


In addition to the specific environmental compliance certification scheme (ECOBLU certification), RINA also offers certification services for beach management with a certification scheme that guarantees not only the protection of the environment, but also the safety and quality of the service.
We are a well-reputed certified partner for any public or private organisation that provides beach-related services and wishes to increasingly meet the needs of the users and the residents, while also safeguarding the environment for a balanced tourist-economic leveraging of the beaches.


Who can apply for ISO 13009 certification?
Seaside bathing establishments, resorts, free-standing beaches, clubs, sports associations.

What are the main macro areas covered by ISO 13009?


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