Large Li-ion battery installation

Hybrid or full electric solution for ship propulsion and power generation

More demanding environmental regulations, growing pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and availability of new technologies in the field of electrical energy accumulation, are pushing the shipping industry to consider alternative and new technologies such as hybrid or full electric solutions for both ship propulsion and power generation.

A good design, for ship with specific operating profiles, can provide reductions in cost for fuel & maintenance, as well as in ship’s air emissions, and reliability and improvement of system responsiveness.


RINA, having experience in the installation of hybrid propulsion on yachts for many years, is the reliable partner to provide third party analysis, verification and validation services, and approval in principles as well as training courses on battery systems for ship propulsion and power generation.


Is there a cost reduction in using large batteries?
For ships having specific operating profiles, there is a cost reduction due to optimisation of engine size vs. battery size, fuel saving and reduction of maintenance needs.

Which targets could large battery installation help to achieve?
From peak shaving to zero emission for specific periods (e.g. lay in port, low speed transfer in environmentally sensible areas), from air emission reduction to uninterruptible power availability (for specific time/loads).

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