ATEX Directive

Products intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres

Directive 2014/34/EU (AtEx) applies to all types of appliances, protective systems and components intended to be used in or in relation to potentially explosive atmospheres. The Directive also covers control and safety devices intended for use out of the potentially explosive atmospheres, but necessary for the safe operation of the appliances and protective systems with regard to the risks of explosion.
“Explosive atmosphere” means an air mixture which, under certain atmospheric conditions, is characterised by the simultaneous presence of flammable substances in the state of gas, vapour, mist, dust and in which, as a result of a trigger, combustion is propagated to the non-burnt mixture.

Service Details

Under the ATEX Directive, RINA operates as a Notified Body providing the following services:


RINA operates as a Notified Body No. 0474, by virtue of the authorisation issued by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development (Directorial Decree of 21/04/2016).
Certification activities are carried out by highly qualified personnel and with the help of UNI EN ISO 17025-accredited laboratory facilities equipped with state-of-the-art equipment.


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