Life extension studies

Subsea system and pipeline management services

Asset Integrity Management (AIM) studies and Residual Life Assessment (RLA) are key activities for operators who want to demonstrate whether in-service pressure equipment or structures are fit for operation and their specific purpose.

The objective of an AIM is to assess and verify the current level of the asset integrity and to identify and assess options to define/increase the asset’s residual life.

The assessment and verification shall be based on the current conditions and future foreseeable conditions. A structure’s corrosion rates and patterns will be developed to verify the effect on maximum allowable operating conditions.



We offer expertise and skills in mechanical, structural, material, corrosion engineering and mechanic engineering, providing proven proficiency in stress analysis, degradation mechanism analysis, inspection data analysis, failure risk assessment and repair techniques.

The remaining design life assessment is a consequence of these results and their interpretation by the above skilled personnel.

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