Approval of manufacturer

The preliminary step for relevant product certification for manufactures

The approval of manufacturer of materials is a means to certify the reliability of a manufacturer to produce materials in accordance with the classification requirements.
It is carried out in accordance with RINA "Rules for the approval of manufacturers of materials”. Manufacturer’s approval is a preliminary step for relevant product certification.
Approval of manufacturer of materials is applicable, but not limited, to manufacturers of steel, aluminum and copper alloy castings, forgings and rolled products, as required by the classification requirements and or by the customer.
The list of type approval certificates for marine equipment can be found at the following link: RINA Type Approval.

The procedure consists of the following steps:


Is manufacturer’s approval compulsory for materials to be fitted onboard classed vessels?
Yes, for all materials composing the most important parts of the ship, if fitted on a RINA classed vessel, it is required that the manufacturer is approved by RINA.

Does manufacturer’s approval certification expire?
Yes, the validity of a manufacturer approval certificate is generally five years, after which the certificate needs to be renewed.

What is the renewal process of a manufacturer approval certificate?
A manufacturer approval certificate is renewed upon satisfactory outcome of the verification of the technical documentation and of a new assessment visit at the manufacturer’s facilities. In case significant changes in the production process, or in case of significant amendments of the reference standards, further attendance of testing activities may be required.

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