Approval in principle of innovative projects​

Validation of new designs and novel concepts with safety equivalencies

Approval in principle (AIP) is a framework used by RINA to review and approve innovative and novel concepts not covered by traditional classification prescriptive rules, so that a level of safety in line with the current marine industry practice is provided. The AIP concept is a risk-based approach to classification, that allows for new designs and novel concepts to be validated with safety equivalencies.

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The new design is subject to a series of risk assessment techniques, to determine if the concept provides acceptable levels of safety in line with current marine industry practice, requirements and standards.
The approach has been particularly used for evaluating novel ship and gas containment and transport designs like LNG FPSO.


AIP is provided after thorough examination of the novel design technical documentation to be provided by the manufacturer or by the shipyard.


The AIP now granted by RINA is a strong tool to support and streamline the approval, execution and inspection of new projects and the benefits are extended to all parties involved on the shipbuilding process: designers, ship-owners, ship-yards and classification society that are always exposed to the most innovative technologies as soon as they break through in the market.


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