Anchoring and mooring analysis

Studies aiming at assessing the behaviour of offshore floating units

Anchoring and mooring analyses address a wide range of studies aiming at assessing the behaviour of two or more units connected side-by-side (mooring), or one unit connected to the sea bed (anchoring), or any combination of the two.
Anchoring and mooring analyses are the only reliable tool to investigate the behaviour of large units moored together in open sea conditions, when one or more of them are anchored to sea bottom. These systems are of critical importance for the overall safety and performance.

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The most typical field of application is constituted by the offshore floating units for Oil & Gas activities (FSO’s, FPSO’s and FSRU’s).
Challenging applications are the Floating Liquefaction Units for Natural Gas (FLNG), characterised by very large dimensions and complex gas treatment systems on board, which require a precise motion and acceleration assessment.
Another field of application is constituted by the units involved in transhipping operations (bulk cargoes, containers).


RINA has developed specific experience and analysis tool to investigate the behaviour of units moored together and anchored to the seabed, in different ambient and foundation conditions.
The analyses of the LNG transfer and regasification process, carried out by the FSRU Toscana in open sea conditions, is one of the most significant carried out ever in this sector. It has also involved considerations of efficiency, not only of safety, certified by with our Technology Qualification Process.

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