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Why RINA? 

We have developed and expanded a specialized multi-disciplinary biodiversity and ecosystem services (BES) team, composed by professionals with experience in ecology, biology, environmental, and natural sciences who are up to date with the latest policies and national and international requirements as well as the latest scientific developments for marine, freshwater, and terrestrial environments. We apply internationally recognized tools and methodologies throughout all phases of project development to ensure that the impacts on biodiversity and ecosystem services are avoided, minimized, restored and offset. 

We can count on an extensive network of specialists and experienced professionals all over the world that allow us to conduct projects and provide support to clients across the globe, and we have partnered with some of the most relevant financial institutions and  international energy companies


Our people

Andrea Giovanetti RINA

Andrea Giovanetti

Head of the BES Operative Unit

Andrea is an environmental engineer with over 20 years of experience in environmental permitting and the technical/environmental aspects of projects regarding O&G and renewables. He’s been in RINA since 2010 and has been head of the Unit since 2021 


Sara Sanetti RINA

Sara Sanetti

Senior BES Specialist and Senior Consultant

Sara has over 20 years of experience in biodiversity monitoring and management, environmental quality and impact assessment in Italy and abroad. She supported for 2 years an international Energy Company as Biodiversity Specialist external consultant  

Francesca Diana RINA

Francesca Diana

Senior BES Specialist and Senior Consultant

Francesca has 13 years of experience in biodiversity monitoring, management, impact assessment and Environmental Due Diligence. She joined RINA in 2013 and has supported an international Energy Company as a Biodiversity Specialist external consultant 


Maurizio Florio RINA

Maurizio Florio

Senior BES Consultant and Multidisciplinary Senior PM

Maurizio is marine ecologist who works in RINA as Project Management Consultant and Environmental Manager for the Construction Supervision for environmental management permitting and operative procedures as well as Project Manager for biodiversity 

Cinzia Giuliani RINA

Cinzia Giuliani

BES Specialist and Consultant

Cinzia is a naturalist with experience as an environmental consultant before joining RINA in 2022. She obtained in 2020 the professional qualification of  “Agrotecnico Laureato della provincia di Roma, Rieti e Viterbo”

Marta Cassi

Marta Cassi

Ecologist and GIS Specialist

Marta has experience in spatial analysis, biodiversity monitoring, environmental impact assessment and development of biodiversity solutions. She joined RINA in 2022 after 4 years working as an environmental consultant 

Jacopo Battisti RINA

Jacopo Battisti

BES & GIS Expert

Jacopo is a biodiversity expert with  experience in GIS analysis and field habitat survey. In RINA he was involved in the development of an innovative cartography to represent the Ecological Vulnerability and Biodiversity Risk for production sites 

Giulia D'Aria RINA

Giulia D'aria

BES Specialist and Consultant

Giulia is an environmental scientist expert in spatial analysis and with experience in conservation for a Natura 2000 site in Albania. She worked as an Environmental Studies and Permitting consultant for 2 years, before joining RINA in 2022 

Arianna Oggioni

Arianna Oggioni

Junior Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Specialist

Arianna is a BES expert with a master in Environment and Resource Management - Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity. Her thesis focused on the spatial analysis and quantification of ES provided by ungulates in Europe. She joined RINA in October 2022