Active Fire Protection | Marine training course

An overview of statutory and flag administration requirements on fire-fighting systems


Ship fire protection is traditionally divided in passive and active. According to Chapter II-2 of SOLAS, the passive part includes fire protection and fire detection and the active part the fire extinction. This course is focused on the active part and presents the different fire-fighting systems that are required onboard with their operational characteristics and maintenance/inspection needs. 

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Online course

Duration: 1 day

Price: EUR 300 (plus VAT, if applicable)

Physical classroom at Greece's facilities

Duration: 1 day

Price: EUR 330 (plus VAT, if applicable)

To provide an overview of statutory and flag administration requirements on fire-fighting systems.

  1. Fire Main
  2. Fixed Fire Extinguishing System
  3. High Pressure CO2 System
  4. Alternative Water Based System
  5. High Expansion Foam System
  6. Local Application System
  7. Sprinkler & High Fog
  8. Galley and other system
  9. Cargo Area Fixed System
  10. Portable Fire Fighting Appliances
  1. Maritime shore personnel of Technical Department and New Building Department
  2. Naval Architects & Marine Engineers
  3. Site Managers
  4. Shipyard Technical personnel
  5. Personnel of Plan Approval department
  6. PSC officers
RINA Attendance Certificate.