Fast, easy access to our consultancy services

What is AccessRINA? 

AccessRINAAccessRINA is a RINA subscription service where clients purchase credits to use in exchange for consultation time. The service is ideal for organisations of all sizes, who are looking for support on regular, shorter-term projects or supporting larger projects, where time is key and high administration costs are prohibitive.   

With AccessRINA, there is no need to raise a purchase order for every project we undertake for you.  

We fast track your access to: 

How it works

At every step of the way, our AccessRINA team are on hand to offer you support and keep your interaction with us running smoothly and efficiently: 

Benefits of subscribing

The benefits of subscribing to AccessRINA extend beyond the administrative. As standard, you will have access to RINA’s expert services - we will provide you with the same authoritative and reliable technical and commercial information that we provide to all our clients, but in a more streamlined manner, and with additional incorporated benefits: 

AccessRINA Team