Covid-19: RINA updates -

RINA fights the dissemination of the Coronavirus, guaranteeing the quality and continuity of the service

Communication to clients

Safely guaranteeing quality and continuity of service

As many countries enter new periods of lockdown, we would like to reassure our clients that we are continuing to take steps to ensure that we protect both our teams and clients, whilst providing safe continuity of our services to maintain support to your projects.

As before, all RINA staff continue to work from home with the exception of those roles which require a presence in our offices or laboratories. For all those cases, we have made sure our workplaces are ‘COVID-19 Secure’ above and beyond official guidance, and that risks have been properly assessed and appropriate mitigation has been put in place. We are also working closely with clients to allow us to conduct site visits in a safe and secure way as and when required, and our dedicated Task Force continues to carefully monitor the situation, identify and implement further measures where necessary to safely guarantee operations.

Update: 20/11/2020

Dear customer,

In response to the spread of the Coronavirus, RINA immediately committed itself to ensuring that all activities carried out at our offices and those of our customers are in compliance with the maximum health safety standards that can be guaranteed during this emergency.

For RINA, it is a priority to protect the health of all personnel, their families and the customers with whom they work on a daily basis, to contribute to the pursuit of an important institutional objective and to safeguard the continuation of all services.

We would like to inform you that:

The IT infrastructures provided, and the agile work model already in place and consolidated allow us, despite having extended smart working to all employees, to guarantee the operations of the company.

Aware of the fact that suitable individual and collective behaviours can contribute to limiting the spread of the infection, RINA will carefully monitor the situation and identify, if and as necessary, any further measures.

Last update: 03/13/2020