Compliance principles to IFIA Code -

Compliance principles to IFIA Code

The International Federation of Inspection Agencies (IFIA) is an association of companies whose business is to verify their clients’, or third parties', products, services or systems.

The value that RINA provides to its clients is trust. For this reason RINA has decided to adopt and implement the IFIA Compliance Code, that enshrines the substance of the integrity that IFIA membership stands for.

The IFIA Compliance Principles address technical and business professional conduct and ethics in relation to the following areas:

It is a condition of IFIA membership that Members implement and abide by the Compliance Code. 

This entails for RINA:

To ensure the effectiveness of its implementation, RINA is required to submit its Compliance Programme to an annual independent examination, whose results are reported to IFIA. The result is a sound and verified basis for trust.

In this section, the main policy documents about IFIA membership are posted to the public attention.

Take part in the development of IFIA program with your suggestions and report any violations to the principles IFIA.

Those making the reports are protected from any form of reprisal, discrimination or penalization and in any event confidentiality will be ensured with regard to the identity of those making reports, without prejudice to the legal obligations and the protection of the rights of the company or the individuals accused wrongly or in bad faith.