ASME Certification

Pressure vessel safety certification

The ASME Code is the most widely used reference standard worldwide for the production of pressure equipment and is essential for marketing products in many countries.

RINA is a registered ASME Inspection Agency and, thanks to our experience acquired in the field of inspection and certification for the safety of pressure vessels, is able to support clients in the various certification steps to becoming ASME Certificate Holders.

Regulatory focus

ASME was founded in 1880 and still continues to develop and update its codes aimed at ensuring the safety of pressure equipment, with new releases launched on a biannual basis.

The ASME Code is a globally recognised standard for the design, construction, testing and certification of pressure vessels and is applied in over 140 countries so that manufacturers of pressure equipment and their components operating in a global market must be qualified ASME Certificate Holders.

Certification process

The process for obtaining ASME certification and the Certificate Holder qualification involves the following steps:

Once certification has been obtained, interventions by an authorised inspector are required to verify the correct application of the ASME Code during manufacturing (design, construction, assembly, hydrostatic testing, etc.).

ASME carries out a joint review recertification audit of the manufacturer every 3 years.


RINA is globally accredited by ACCREDIA and ANAB for the issue of ISO 14001 conformity certificates and connected schemes for various product sectors and also holds several local accreditations in different countries (e.g. INMETRO, RENAR). We are a global leader in the certification industry basing our work on the excellence and experience of our professional team. We are recognised internationally for our competence, transparency, and professionalism in dealing with a wide spectrum of regulations.