WCD World Commission on Dams

Verification of hydroelectric projects CDM/JI

The evaluation of hydroelectric projects in accordance with the WCD criteria ensures that hydroelectric projects are developed according to the less-harmful environmental and development goals that are clearly formulated through an open and participative process with all stakeholders.

The Setting

The World Dike Commission (WCD) was set up in April 1997 to research environmental, social and economic impacts of the development of large dams globally.
The service is applicable to hydroelectricity CDM/JI projects exceeding the 20 MW threshold value and generates credits (CERs or ERUs) that can be used by European companies falling within the scope of the EU Emission Trading Directive.

Audit Procedure


RINA is accredited by the UNFCCC for project evaluation in accordance with the criteria of the World Dike Commission (WCD).

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