Rotating equipment

Solutions to maximise electrical rotating equipment and gas turbine performance

Operators demand high reliability and performance from their assets. With challenging demands on equipment operation, it is often difficult to find the right balance between availability and maintenance.

Operation and maintenance

We provide services to increase reliability and availability, optimise operation and maintenance and carry out detailed failure analysis. Using advanced static and dynamic machine condition assessment, and inspection & performance analysis skills together with analysis of reference data from DCS monitoring, we can provide an early warning of an impending problem.

Our services include monitoring and analysis of electrical rotating equipment vibration, partial discharge, temperature, pressure, speed and acceleration. We also provide reviews of maintenance practices and applies lean engineering and value-stream mapping to maintenance tasks, which allow us to identify and eliminate waste in business processes, improve reliability, increase productivity and save the operator money.

Gas turbine consultancy

While all gas turbine components have finite lives, it is usually in the interest of the operator to maximise their safe useful life. We have developed procedures to assess component condition and integrity, and the effect of refurbishment on properties and life expectations.

We can work with the operator to advise, review and critically monitor these activities by acting as the operator’s technical representative during reverse engineering activities at third-party companies, critically assessing repair options and reviewing and compiling repair or re-manufacture specifications.

We also provide tailored gas turbine technical training aimed at allowing engineering personnel to reach informed decisions on durability and maintenance issues.

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