Towards circular economy in the plastic packaging value chain

Business Time Project Coordinator Funding Scheme
Industry Start date: May 2017 
End date: June  2020
Fundacion circe centro de investigacion de recursos y consumos energeticos Horizon 2020
Call H2020-IND-CE-2016-17



CIRC-PACK project will provide breakthrough biodegradable plastics using alternative biobased raw materials, which will have an instrumental role to play in the subsequence steps of the plastic value chain. In addition, eco-design packaging for improving and end-of-like multilayer and multicomponent packaging will be technologically advanced and adapted also to the new materials produced. Thus these developments will also contribute with a great impact in the packaging footprint, and increasing the biobased content and using compostable materials. Lastly, a multi-sectorial cascaded approach along plastic packaging value chain will be applied with critical impacts in other value chains beyond the targeted plastic packaging value chain.


RINA supported the Consortium in the first steps toward the ETV verification process for the innovative technologies demonstrated within the different demo-scenarios. A set of the most promising technologies were selected in order to: verifying the eligibility of the proposed technologies for the ETV procedure, revising the verification proposal and the initial performance claim, drafting the specific verification protocol.

RINA worked also on the development of a Business Model able to “activate” a plastic packaging value chain and grant the exemplarity and replicability of the CIRC-PACK system. CIRC-Pack solutions encompass 9 different value Chains which the CIRC-PACK project has put together in order to allow circularity with a more sophisticated exchange of materials between companies, so that one company’s waste becomes another company’s raw materials.  This effort toward circularity is also the basis of the CIRC-PACK Project Business Model and designs a collective shared value proposition.  

This project has received funding from the European Union’s H2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 730423.


The overall outcome of the project will facilitate the transition from the current linear plastic packaging value chain to circular economy principles.

Project Consortium

1 Fundacion circe centro de investigacion de recursos y consumos energeticos, Spain 2 Fundacion Aitiip, Spain 3 Novamont S.p.a., Italy 4 Mater-Biotech S.p.a., Italy 5 Mater-Biopolymer, Italy 6 Bumaga BV, Netherlands 7 Nuevas Tecnologias Para El De Sarrolo De Packaging Y Productos Agroalimentarios Con Componente Plastica SL, Spain 8 Mi-Plast Doo Za Proizvodnju Trgovinu I Pruzanje Usluga - Mi Plast LLC Manufacturing, Trading and Services, Croatia 9 Grupo Sada PA SA, Spain 10 Saponia kemijska, prehrambena i farmaceutska industrija d.d., Croatia 11 Fater S.p.a., Italy 12 Centro Ricerche Fiat SCPA, Italy 13 Asociacion Espanola De Normalizacion Y Certificacion, Spain 14 D'Appollonia S.p.a., Italy 15 Ekodenge Muhendislik Mimarlik Danismanlik Ticaret Anonim Sirketi, Turkey 16 Ecoembalajes Espana SA, Spain 17 Grad Rijeka-Gradsko Vijece, Croatia 18 Kartal Belediye Baskanligi, Turkey 19 Calaf Tecniques Industrials SL, Spain 20 Ocu Ediciones SA, Spain 21 ICLEI European Secretariat GMBH (ICLEI Europasekretariat GMBH), Germany 22 Plastipolis, France

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