Advanced biobased polyurethanes and fibres for the automotive industry with increased environmental sustainability

Business Time Project Coordinator Funding Scheme
Start date: June 2017 
End date: May  2021
Selena Labs Spolka Z Ograniczona Odpowiedzialnoscia Horizon 2020 / BBI-JU
Call: H2020-BBI-JTI-2016



The BIOMOTIVE project will pave the ground towards the production and subsequent market penetration of biobased automotive interior parts with enhanced technical performance, improved environmental profile and economic competitiveness, with the aim of replacing the fossil-based, non-biodegradable counterparts.


RINA will provide its expertise to define the requirements that the innovative design developed within the project (i.e. a design aimed at improving and ease the disassembly of the vehicle parts during its end-of –life phase in order to increase the recycling rate of materials from a vehicle) must fulfil to fulfill quality and safety standards.
Additionally, we will identify the measures to be undertaken towards the standardization of the process as well as the certification of the obtained biobased products.
This project has received funding from the European Union’s H2020 research and innovation programme under Grant Agreement No 745766.


BIOMOTIVE will product innovative and advanced biobased materials with an increased biobased content (60-80%), i.e. thermoplastic polyurethanes, 2-components thermoset polyurethane foams and regenerated natural fibres, starting from renewable biomass feedstock not in competition with food and feed, leveraging innovative production techniques.
Such materials will be validated into cars’ interior parts (door handles and automotive seats) demonstrating advanced properties in terms of resistance to fire, mechanical strength and flexibility as well as improved recyclability of the end-of-life products.
The project also aims at demonstrating an innovative process for the production of 100% biobased NIPUs, with moisture-repellant properties.

Alessandro Maccari