Business to motorways of the sea: e-maritime services for ship operators

Time Project Coordinator Funding Scheme
Start date: July 2013
End date: December 2015
Fundacion de la comunidad valenciana para la investigation, promocion y estudios comerciales de valenciaport Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T)



The B2MoS Action is an innovative study which takes the form of pilot actions principally aimed at preparing and adapting business communities and port authorities’ systems to the requirements of Directive 2010/65/EU, providing interoperable electronic documents and messages (ie. electronic sea waybill) intending to boost the efficiency of door-to-door MoS supply chains, facilitating intra-Community trade and increasing European territorial cohesion.


RINA has supported the Italian Ministry: 

  • on elaborating interoperability studies of crucial trade and transport documents.
  • on prototyping, piloting and finally demonstra-ting in seminars and events


The ultimate goal of Business To Motorways of the Sea (B2MoS) is to support MoS become a reality in Europe, by making maritime transport more efficient and safer and integrating it into multimodal and environmentally friendlier door-to-door solutions by improved information use, knowledge creation and facilitation of business collaborations. The above aims are, together with differentiation and reduced cost, common drivers for European value and competitive advantage.

Project Consortium

1 Fundacion de la comunidad valenciana para la investigation, promotion y estudios comerciales de valenciaport, the Coordinator 2 Autoridad Portuaria de Valencia 3 Autoridad Portuaria de Barcelona 4 Escola Europea de Short Sea Ahipping, A.E.I.E. 5 Continental Rail S.A.U. 6 Portic Barcelona S.A. 7 Autoridad Portuaria del Bilbao 8 Contenosa S.A. 9 Grupo Romeu Multiservices S.L. 10 International Forwarding S.L. 11 Tiba International S.A. 12 Piraeus Port Authority S.A. 13 Maritime Cargo Processing PLC 14 Hafen Hamburg Marketing E.V. 15 DBH Logistics IT AG 16 Luka Koper, Port and Logistic System D.D. 17 Intereuropa, Global Logistics Service LTD. CO. 18 Boluda Lines S.A. 19 Neptune Lines Shipping and Managing Enterprises S.A. 20 Global Maritime Agency S.A. 21 Dakosy Datenkommunikationssystem AG 22 Italian Republic (Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport)

Alessandro Maccari