Law firms risk management

Principles and criteria for the management of legal professions

The practices (PdR), adopted exclusively for firms operating in Italy, are applicable to law services providers of any size and legal form. PdR provides valid and current benchmarks for the organised, rational and verifiable management of law firm’s professional activity, in order to:

Regulatory focus

The Reference Practice (PdR) is UNI “Law Firms - Organisational Principles and Risk Management Related to the Profession”, implemented at the initiative of ASLA (Italian Association of Associated Law Firms - the promoting body).


RINA participated in the UNI Working Group’s “Organisational Modelling for Law Firms” Working Paper and has developed the PdR.


Are PdR compatible with ISO 9001?
Yes, in the case of Law Firms applying ISO 9001, the PdR are a complementary and supplementary guide aimed at facilitating the application of some of its requirements to the specific characteristics of the legal and forensic profession. In the case of Law Firms that do not apply ISO 9001, the PdR are applicable regardless of the organisational model provided by ISO 9001.


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