InBetween Project

ICT enabled behavioural change towards energy efficient lyfestyle

Alessandra Monero

Alessandra Monero
Head of RINA Opportunity Management

"Practicing research and innovation at RINA, whose expertise and interests for the development of new knowledge assets spans across so many domains, is truly amusing. Working within RINA R&D team allows me to be confronted with a variety of arguments every day"

Digital Technologies

An enabling factor for the scientific progress in all disciplines

Digital technologies underpin innovation and competitiveness across all industrial sectors and society areas and are an enabling factor for the scientific progress in all disciplines. RINA is contributing to maintaining and developing ICT technologies in key areas such as embedded systems, network technologies and systems, manufacturing technologies and cyber-physical systems. A relevant effort is focused on digitisation of products and services and to the uptake of digital technologies in different industrial sectors, including construction and medicine.

Case study


Plug-and-play product and process innovation for energy-efficient building deep renovation

Case study


Assisting people to identify energy wastes and learn how they can conserve energy

Industrial Materials

Smart Factory, Industrial technologies and materials

Space technologies

Space Technologies and Telecommunications

Smart City

Smart Energy Grids and Systems

Wind Energy

Sustainability, Energy Efficiency and Low-Carbon Energy