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Donato Zangani

Donato Zangani
RINA Corporate R&D Director

"RINA R&D is an inspiring environment composed by a strong team of brilliant and enthusiastic colleagues. Working together we are able to successfully develop amazing projects in the various sectors where RINA is active where we can experience new technologies and find solutions to real problems in collaboration with the most distinguished research institutions and industrial stakeholders"

Research & Development

Building a better future through Open Collaborative Innovation

Research and Development is a prime mover in RINA’s evolution and is key to secure ongoing success. 

We practice research to build on one side our future knowledge assets while opening new market opportunities, and on the other side to support our customers. 

We believe that R&D and innovation must also connect with strategic business thinking, so that new ideas are quickly transferred to industrial practice. 

We foster truly open collaborative innovation paradigms, leveraging on an international network with leading universities, research and technology organizations as well as research intensive enterprises.

Main topics

Featured contents

Wind Energy

Sustainability, Energy Efficiency and Low-Carbon Energy

Supporting the shift towards low carbon energy

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Security, Infrastructure Protection and Climate Change Adaptation

Detection and mitigation of natural and man-made hazards

Industrial Materials

Smart Factory, Industrial technologies and materials

Making EU technological and industrial sectors competitive

Smart City

Smart Energy Grids and Systems

An integrated approach to develop innovative solutions 

Digital Technologies


Enabling innovation and progress across all domains

Space technologies

Space Technologies and Telecommunications

A strategic asset for the society and the economy of Europe

Sustainable Transportation

Sustainable Transportation, Mobility and Logistics

Providing people with safe and reliable mobility services

Blue Economy

Maritime and Blue Economy

Safeguarding the future prosperity of our seas

Circular Economy

Circular Economy and Bio-based Industry

Closing the loop of product lifecycles